Navision DB on an SAN

Hi, We recieved information about a way to backups when using SAN. This backup was extremely fast (like 2 seconds for a backup on all drives, we have 14 in Raid 1, 7 logical). Do any of you have any experience of this? I am mostly concerned about how the snapshot works when the Navision database is in use. Thanks Daniel

Hi Daniel, How many Data is on the drives ? 2 seconds sounds impossible to me !

Our database is 60GB large with about 55% used. I can only agree that it sounds impossible but as they explained it to me they dont copy the database itself, the only copy the file allocation table (or something similar). /Daniel

If you are look for further information for backup then try a search of this forum. There are a lot of Threads dealing with standard methods of Backup


they dont copy the database itself, the only copy the file allocation table

AND THIS SHOULD BE A BACKUP [:D][:)][:p][;)][B)][}:)][?][?]

Please ask them what happens if both disks in a raid 1 crashes !? Where is the data in this case ?

I got a little more information. It’s only the read of the backup that takes little time, writing the file itself will take longer. It can also write to an external harddrive (that is duplicating the database). But the question is if this backup will work together with Navisions way to handle the database. An snapshot of the database when is still active mayby will give as result that the backup database will be corrupt (data that is not actually written in the database, but only in the cache). Anyone with experience of this? Regards Daniel

Where did you get this information from? Can I get hold of it? is it on the web? This would be of intrest for something i am working on. Many Thanks Tony

We have talked to an local reseller of Compaq products (We have an Compaq SAN). They had all the info. /Daniel

a san is just a big box with lots of disks, and a really fast connection, typically optical. basically you can map chunks of the drives as you want, and since everything is mapped, you can let different computers view the sa,e data in different ways. thus one computer (navi server) can look at the disks as a dynamic database, and another (the backup machine) views a snapshot. it works, and is fast, and there is no reason why the database copy should not work reliably, its really the same as how hot copy works. when you think of raid, you think mostly of the letter i (inexpensive) this is the biggest difference, sans are not cheap, and do need to be maintained.