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Hi Chaps,

Quick question, on either the Purchase or Sales Order screens.

Whats the functional difference between the document date and order date?


Order Date is… order date. Document date is for receing/shipping document and/or invoice

Is that not the posting date? which still raises the question, whats the difference between the order date and document date?

The order date is for information only- it is geerally the date that the order is being keyed in, or the date on the customers order(if any).

The document date is used to calculate the Finance charges and the Due date. Remember that if you change the posting date, the document date is validated to the same date.


the order date is mainly for informational purposes, meaning you can use it for tracking, when the order was placed.
The document date field is used (together with the Payment terms) to calculate when the amount of the Invoice is due.
The posting date, by the way, is the date, the invoice will show up in your General Ledger Entry and the other Entry Tables.

There is actually quite a history behind Document Date. It was originally introduced into the German System as a standard field, and many other country versions had similar functionality but in the regional localization fields … yes very odd. Everntually we convinced PC&C that it was needed in evry country, (even Denmark oddly). o it became standard.

Anyway… In addition to the comment above,

On A Purchase Order/Invoice, Document Date should relate to the date written on the actual invoice that you receive from your vendor.

On A Sales Order/Invoice it should be the date that is printed on the invoice that you send to your Customer.

Document date could be the date the document was created & order date would be the date order was entered or received.

There is one more date - Posting Date.


Order Date = Order Date

Document Date = the invoice date

Posting Date = The date you want the transaction to hit your ledgers

For sales orders, document date and posting date are usually the same. However, for the purchase side, the document date is the date on the voucher you receive from the vendor. The posting date is the date you want this expense to reflect on your books.

For financial statement planning purposes, I can see why it’s more flexible to separate them so move expense and sales across periods.

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[N] I would definitely not recommend to set Document Date = CreationDate! Not unless you are absolutely sure about what you are doing!

Document Date is most relevant on purchases where it should be used for the vendors posting date (this has already been mentioned in this topic as well as in several others).

I am not confused by document date & order date.

But Posting Date is my problem.

Posting date is the ledger entries date, then what is the difference with document date?

You are telling me that my sales invoices

dated 23/3/2007 (document date),

order by customer on 22/3/2007 (Order date)

Posted in 1/4/2007 (Posting Date).

  • This transaction will be treated as April’s Sales

If I wish to treat this sales as March Sales, my posting date need to be in March.

If i choose to set the posting date same as 23/3/2007, but in reality I posted it on 1/4/2007.

  1. I never know when the user posted the invoice, if I look at the system on 30/3/2007, the invoice has yet to be post, but in 1/4/2007, it will show it was posted 23/3/2007. Is this how the system work?

My suggestion is the system should have a option for us to choose which date shall be treated as ledger entries date.


Posting date = date that ledger entries will be created.

Document date = Date where discounts for Payments and due date begins.

Make F1 in those fields