Navision database used outside the Navision.

Create the Purchase quote and purchase order, Sales Quote and Sale Order out side the Navision using stored procedure with out message queue (NAS), and Accounts dept generate invoice in Navision of that purchase order.


if it was a question…

Then the answer is: DON’T EVEN THINK about this !!! Haven’t you seen here in forums all the warnings about doing such things bypassing NAV logics???

You may import data to some custom intermediate tables, write code in NAV which creates your POs/ SOs etc from these data, and then post them normally, but NEVER insert data directly in SO/PO/SQ/PQ Header & Lines tables by means of TSQL scripts - or you will be in serious trouble.

Correct. Forget about using stored procedures for this. It’s doomed to fail!

Or you could upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and use the web services.

You say you are already using NAS. You should use NAS to read the MSMQ messages and create the orders/quotes, not stored procedures. The problem with this is that internal NAV business logic is not executed by default, and records don’t gete the internal timestamp which is used for simulating NAV’s version principle.

If you must use stored procedures, then create the orders/quotes in staging tables, and have a NAV process create “real” orders/quotes with the data that is read from those staging tables.

I start new project with Nav 2009 in Jan 2009, which Navision web service is used to create sale quote, sales order, purchase quote and purchase order. Can i use that service out side the Navision and create own web service out side the Navision which access navision table directly to create order in Navision 2009.

thanks for your reply.

We’ll need more details to say anything about that. What version of NAV, how are you creating those web services, how are you consuming those webservices.

I already mention the Navision version.

I create the code unit or page and publish it as web service in Navision and used that web service in out side Navision.

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Alright so you are all set?

I am completely new bie to navision and has started looking into Nav2009.

In addition to above discussion, can any one tell me whether I can post a document or not.

Like If i want to convert/post a sales order to sales invoice or po to PR / PI can I do it in navision using webservice page or by exposing a codeunit as webservice

any suggestion?


The answer to your question is yes, ou can do that with Navision 2009.

thank you for your help on this. seems you have good experience on integration side of it.

Is it possible for you to answer the following points? I am completely new to Nav.

a) What kind of stock movements navision allows?

b) Is it possible to create manual payments / receipts using webservice. Like recieving a payment from a customer and then its allocation against some customer documents?

Also can you suggest where can i find detailed information about webservices etc.

Thank you for your help.


Kamran Shehzad

If you are truely new to NAV, I strongly suggest that you reconsider undertaking such a complex project on your own. Consider partnering with a more experienced NAV integrator. While the forums can be a very valuable tool they should not be considered substitutes for proper training and experience.