Navision database restore on sqlserver 2000

Hi! we have Navision 3.60 with its own Database on a windows 2000 server running. I now have a windows 2000 testserver with Navision 3.60 installed. I also have an other windows 2000 testserver with sqlserver 2000 installed. I took now the Backup from my Navision 3.60 Database (*.fbk files) and made a restore with the Navision Sql Client to my sqlserver 2000 database. Before I created with my Navísion Sql Client a new Sql Database. The Restore runs well for some hours. Then I get the following error message: ‘field number 1 is not defined in table xy’ I looked at the Navision Object Designer and saw that table defin ition starts with field 2. Why then get I the error with field number 1? I also tried to restore first only the objects. There I also get that error message. Who has an idea what my problem is? Thanks!

Are you restoring into empty database? If not, it is possible that the objects in target database have been modified while the objects in backup haven’t (or vice versa). Try restoring into empty database or apply all changes made to design of one database to both. Hope this helps, Jurica

My recommendation would be to read the replies to the SAME POSTING you made two weeks ago. [:(!]