Navision Custom Report - Creditors vs Debtors

When making payments to suppliers, ‘payables’ ask ‘credit control’ to check if any of the suppliers about to be paid owe us money.
Since Navision holding both our debtor information and creditor information, could it be possible to create a custom report?
For example, a report were available which would list, for any creditor with a balance, possible matches amongst debtors with a balance.
In looking for possible matches it would check names, po boxes, similar phone numbers, …
In all cases a ‘sounds like’ compare vs literal.

Do you mean to say you want a report where Creditors balance match with Debtors balance ???

Yes you can do that.

Further by using “Contacts” in NAV you can link vendors and customers with common contact and then use that data to filter the total money due from/to customer/vendor.