Navision Credit card addon solutions

It’s a few years ago since I’ve last been looking into Dynamics NAV Credit Card addons. But now I need to find a creditcard solution for Navision which is also PCI compliant.

I have heard about ChargeLogic, but I would like to hear if you have worked with it and then I would like to hear from you. Or if you know about other solutions which might be in compliance with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

Hi Erik,

This is not something I’ve done. Thomas’ EPOS should have intergrated Credit Card module - might be worth contacting him.

It is for the US market and it has to be PCI compliant. I’m not sure that you find any solutions supporting this in Europe.

Unfortunately I cannot help out with hat either,

for now we support eectronic payments in Austria and Switzerland.

The problem is that the clearing and the interface is different from country to country - the same with the terminals.

Usually it also costs a lot of money to get a solution certified in order to use electronic payments with online clearing.

It might be worth considering one of the big online payment solutions like paypal to see if these provide interfaces which can be used by Navision.

(This is by the way one of the biggest problems when integrating payment solutions with Navision - the interface protocol is sometimes on such a low level that you even need to switch hooks on and off on a serial line like we did in the 1980s)

I think Simcrest has it but upto what extent they have developed this i don’t know. They r US based.

Hi Thomas,

The problem with someone like Paypal is that they charge a pretty high fee, which is ok when you have a low number of transactions (like we have on this website), as it is normally very easy to integrate to. So we need a more “conventional” credit card handler and solution.

Hi Kapil,

I know Simcrest and their SimPay solution. In fact that’s what I’ve been using before. But it’s my understanding, also based on the fact that they are no longer doing any marketing for it on their website, that SimPay is no longer supported.

I think that the problem is, as Thomas said that it’s quite expensive to get your credit card solution certified. But can it really be true that nobody else have a PCI certified credit card add-on that works with Navision?

Hej Erik -

We have used SimCrest, Lanham and ChargeLogic. They all have good support in our opinion. ChargeLogic modifies a ton of existing objects and has the most functionality.

SimCrest links to a ton of differnt clearning houses which is helpful.

Lanham is of course a very solid ISV house with good support, training, etc.

That’s my quick notion of them!


We are using ChargeLogic at most of our clients and it works very well. Their support is great too so if there are any issues they are very helpful. It has a lot of functionality even though most of our clients only use a small portion of it (I believe it was first developed for POS, so for clients without a POS, there is a lot of functionality not being used).

As far as I know, the solution is the only one being PCI compliant, which is why we are recommending it for all our clients now.


Oh i didn’t know that. [:)]

I’ve actually now been in contact with SimCrest and I’ve figured out that I was wrong. The only thing that is gone is the name SimPay. They still have a credit card solution. And as far as I can see then it looks like it’s really good. They are both PCI compliant and likely the one for Navision supporting the most payment gateways (their list showed 62 names).

First, I want to take a moment to say that we appreciate the positive reviews that have been posted in this thread for ChargeLogic. After reviewing your questions, I would like to provide some feedback regarding the differences between payment gateways and payment processors as well as about PCI compliance.

Payment gateways act as coordinators between simple payment applications or web sites and payment processors. The application makes a request to the payment gateway, and the gateway takes the request and formats it for the user’s particular payment processor and submits it for approval. The processor then responds back to the gateway, which reads the response and constructs a result message to send back to the application. The payment gateway then takes care of the end-of-day batch settlement submission to the processor (usually at or around midnight).

Because of the introduction of a third party into the mix, using a payment gateways usually adds to the per-transaction cost of accepting credit cards. For high-volume NAV users, this additional transaction fee can become quite costly. Gateways also usually charge a monthly fee for their services.

By comparison, ChargeLogic is certified directly with all of the major payment processors in the US and many in Canada. Because we deal directly with the processor, no gateway is required. In the US, there are not very many payment processors (approximately 10), but there are hundreds of payment gateways. Each of these gateways just front-ends for one or more of the major processors. They usually do a good job of hiding what particular processor they are talking to, but if you call and ask, they will give you the names of the payment processors that they support. They will most likely be the same ones that are on the ChargeLogic list.

Since ChargeLogic talks directly to the payment processors, the end-of-day batching can occur within ChargeLogic (i.e., it is a full-fledged payment application). This also means that there is no possibility of getting out of sync with the host, which is a problem when using a third-party gateway.

Finally, I wanted to address your concern about PCI-compliance. ChargeLogic routinely undergoes rigorous PCI audits by a QSA (Qulified Security Assessor) in order to make sure that our adherence to the PCI specification is complete. This step of QSA validation of the payment application is required by Visa and MasterCard. A list of validated payment applications can be found on the PCI Security Standards Council site at In order to insure that your payment processing service remains uninterrupted, we recommend that you check the PCI site to make sure that each link in the chain has been validated (this includes the payment application, the payment gateway (if one is in use), and the payment processor). Visa has begun to set deadlines for compliance. The next one is July 1st, 2010, after which new merchants will not be allowed to process on Visa’s network unless they are using a validated payment application.

I know that the payment processing industry is complicated and the answers to seemingly simple questions aren’t always clear, so if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you Jonanthan, that was a very helpful reply.

WOW. We see a lot of people from the ISV and partner channel that simply post a link to their website without really contributing. Thank you very much for taking the time to write such an elaborate answer. [Y]

Yes you’re right. That was an outstanding reply. And since he didn’t even link to his own website then I’ll put it here:

ChargeLogic - credit card processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We have used chargelogic for a few years now, it works well and the support is very good, I have talked directly with Jonathan in getting my company started back in 2007. Even though we went through our solution center, at the time they were new to chargelogic, so I dealt with Jonathan on some issues. It is a seemless solution. We are in the process of switching processors right now. And even though the new bank is in Canada, and we are in the US, they are supported on Chargelogic, like Jonathan was saying above, the difference between processor and gateways is not very well understood. I wasn’t sure about it, When I was talking with our new bank, they were saying we would need to switch everything to there systems, their hardware, etc. A little digging by our soluction center and viola, chargelogic can process transactions with them, becauase it can access the processor, a simple setup sheet, with codes from Chargelogic and we are testing transactions this week. Overall very painless. And if you are wondering why we switched banks, it was a dictated things from new corporate owner to use their banks. Our volumn is around 2 milllion a years in credit cards at an average ticket of 300-400 dollars. so for us that is a pretty good volumn, not sure what you are looking at.

We have a solution that integrates directly with GP versions 7-10 and is very cost effective. It can run credit cards, ACH all in one solution and doesn’t change the tables.

Hi Jolie,

That sounds very good, the “problem” is that this question is specifically about Dynamics NAV - not Great Plains. So do you have a solution for Navision also?

I know this is an old thread, but I jsut came across it and wanted to share our solution as well, PCI Charge. You can process credit card payments from your customers easily, securely, and reliably with PCI Charge. Eliminate the need for external hardware and software by bringing credit card electronic payment processing directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Fully PCI compliant with security above and beyond requirements, save time & money with integrated credit card processing.

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