Navision Commerce Gateway Broker

Hello, I’m having some trouble getting the CG Broker working properly. I am using navision 3.70 (last hotfix). In have installed four application servers named BTNAS01 (port 5728), BTNAS02 (port 5729), BTNAS03 (port 5730) and BTNAS04 (port 5731). Each NAS is running under is’t own username. (I modified the cgbroker_config file accordingly to my nasses) I added the following code in CU “BizTalk Appln. Srv. Startup” function TCPCOM::DataAvailable MESSAGE (‘APPLICATION SERVER %1 RECEIVED DOCUMENT’,USERID); So I can see in the eventlog when a certain NAS receives a document. When I send 3 documents to navision via the CG I get messages posted in the eventlog from the NAS that processes a document. When I send about 100 messages to navision (at one time) my four NASSES start receiving and processing the documents. The documentation says that the CGBROKER will mark the NAS as busy until the transaction is ready, but in my case is seems like CG BROKER does not see that the NAS is busy, so the Commerce Gateway component posts an error in the event log stating there is no response from the nas because the nas is busy, this should not be a big issue were it not that the document that gets this error is places in the biztalk retry queue. Has anybody came along a similar problem or maybe have a solution/fix for this problem. In the CGBROKER_CONFIG.XML file there is a element named “RecoveryPoll” (default = 5) what does this element mean? Any help is greatly appreciated Regards Pieter.