Navision Commerce Gateway 4.0 SystemCheck

[:(]I experince a strange behavior when trying to perform a SystemCheck for the CG - Biztalk 2004 setup.

  1. The connection to NAS is verified OK.
  2. The adapter check reports “Adapter is not installed” return code 100.

Nothing in the eventlog.

The adapter seems to installed, as I can reference it in the BTS ports.

I have installed cg req server according to the manual, and CG Request server is running ok.
I have verified , using netstat command, that both bort 7527 and 7528 is being listened to.

Platform: WMVare hosting Windows 2003 SP1.

Any ideas ?

Have you also installed the Commerce Intergration Components with the navision client ?

Hi, the problem has been solved.

The problem was caused by an installation of the BTS demo. I found

that the CG adapter name i BTS Administration was CommerceGateway40, and

not CommerceGateway whch is the correct spelling. So, many hours spent,

but the problem was solved…