Navision Client/Ser Installation on Citrix Network

Hi I would like to install navision server at one place and navision client at remote locations on a citrix network. will it need any spl. configuration or shall i treat as usual navision installation? if any body having information regarding this, please help me. Regards, kumar

Hello Cumar, you should install the Navision server and the terminal server in one domain (local area network) on different servers. Your clients will run sessions on the terminal server, and it will work as good as if they are inside your local network. Teh Navision installation on the terminal server is much alike an installation on an ordinary desktop computer. You can have your clients connect to the terminal server from virtually anywhere (through an ADSL connection over the Internet is cost effective and gives good performance). You can use Win 2000/2003 Terminal Services or Citrix for the clients to connect to the terminal server; both give you excellent performance. To protect your data when using the Internet for communications, you should have a firewall/VPN device in between your network and the public Internet. I recommend a Watchguard appliance. Summing up, this is just an outline. Probably you will need a networking consultant to implement the necessary stuff for you. Best regards, an good luck! Pelle

Hello Pelle, Thank you for your information. If you have any kind of documentment related to this pleae mail me, that will be more helpful for me. Thanks and Regards, Kumar

Hello Kuma and Pelle, I am looking for information how to install the client on to a Terminal Server. I am having problems running multible instanses of the client on one server. The sessions seam to lock up. Any ideas Regards Hermann

To install Navision on WTS/Citrix You need a special install script wich Your Solution Center can get from Microsoft. //Lars

Hi Kumar, there is a wealth of information about Citrix on this site, just do a search of the key word Citrix, and you will find help for everyting from CPU and Ram requirements through bandwith expectations and of course the fun part …seting up printers… the area where Citrix trips up even the most experienced Navision implementers.