Navision Clasification

Hello there, I want to know where I can find information about Navision and the clasification by revenue and users. Thanks,

Say, whut? What do you mean? - What kind of companies using Navision?

No, I want to know what is the requeriments to install Navision taken all the parameters of the company. Navision should be installed on small companies or medium … ? For example: Users, revenue, sales movement, cash flow, … etc


Choosing the right business management solution means balancing your short- and long-term business goals with your financial resources. Microsoft Navision helps you overcome these challenges with a business management solution that matches your business needs as well as your budget. Microsoft Navision is designed specifically for medium-sized companies seeking one solution to help increase productivity without disrupting everyday business operations.

this is right from the Navision Overview Fact Sheet. I posted the link in the other forum. to read the rest go there. In regard to hard numbers or what makes 1 business small & another medium, it does not state that. It’s really up to the customer. We started with Navision being “small” but we wanted to grow and once we got to the level we wanted to, we also didn’t want to go and get a whole new software package. So we grew into/with Navision. here is a site that lists the top 7 accounting packages & also place some round about figures for Enterprise/Mid market/Manufacturing/Small Business has a comparision tool too. pretty cool