Navision / Citrix performance

One of our customers experiences problems when searching in a Navision 2.5 database within a Citrix neighbourhood (version 1.8) using Windows NT4 server. The load on the Citrix server for one client reaches 40% when searching. Searching by three clients at the same time results in (performance) problems in other used published applications. We are trying to solve the problem by setting keys on search values and advised the customer not to use the “Find as you type” function but are there other possibilities to solve this problem ?

We have complete many deployments of Navision using Citrix. Whilst this may not be connected to the key issue, we have had problems with the tool-tips in Navision using a large amout of CPU time, if you turn off the tool tips in each client this may leave more resource available for processing.

Hi, this is great… we have the same problem. Can you tell me how to turn off this feature? Our Programmer told me that this is only possible for each object, and not for the clients?!? Is he right? Greets Luigi

You can turn of Tool-tips for a client using the View menu (in the client), Toolbar, Show Tool Tips option

Hi, that is good and works. But we have about 400 Clients (300 on Terminal Server)and thats very borring to change them all manually. I can try to write a E-Mail to all Users, but I think most of them won’t do so… Does anyone know if it’s possible to make a Registry entry that has the same funktion (cange the value)? TNX - Luigi

You can prepare a zupfile and distribute that so all users get a new zup. The setting for tooltip is tored in the zup. Remember to use the same temppath for all users in the commandline. I have not done this myself, but it should work. But do some testing first… //Lars

I think my clients won’t be happy when i do so… (change the *.zup) And I know my users… “oh what’s that??? Quick Tips! I must have…” the better is to disalow this checkbox but there seems to be no way :frowning: Is this a Navision or W2K problem (CPU usage)? Luigi