Navision: Changing User Password with SQL-Option

Navision Financials 2.60D with SQL-Server-Option (W2000/SQL2000/all SP)…

The users are able to change their own password. After confirming the new password, they always receive a nasty error-message from their SQL-Server (something about user rights).

But … the password-change itself worked absolutely correct! If the user is set up as a db_owner → the error message does not show up.

Like i said: it’s working, but i’d be glad to get rid of that d… error-message :wink:

Any ideas ?

The sp_password stored procedure was changed in SQL Server between version 7 and 2000 so that it could not be executed when an application role (which Financials/Attain uses for non-db_owner uses) is active. Attain (3.01) was changed to work around this but Financials 2.6x has not been.