Navision Certification

Hi Friends I am planning to appear for Navision certification exam in Finance Management module. Can any one help me in this regard, by providing information about 1) Prerequisites for appearing Navision certification exam. 2) Exam details (i.e pattern, Duration, No. Of Questions, pass conditions & Duficulty level) 3) Do i need to apper for Overview and Essentials tests before attemting Navision Fianancials Exam regards Veeru

Hi There are localised versions of the answers to your questions, so I can only give my own, hopefully they help! It should also be noted I do believe the essentials course and exam have now been doscontinued. If you are with an NSC this information should be available on partnersource.


Exam Outline – NAVISION FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Exam code: GB 01-010 Version: 3.60 Duration: 90 minutes No. of questions: 70 Required score: 70% No. of questions per section: • G/L Reporting & Analysis: 11 • Sales & Receivables: 16 • Purchases & Payables: 8 • Inventory Costing: 6 • Fixed Assets: 8 • Resources & Jobs: 6 • Consolidation, Journals and Banking: 07 • VAT & Intrastat: 3 • System Maintenance & Security: 5 Total: 70 Sections and Objectives: General Ledger - Analysis and Reporting General Functionality • Explain the techniques in opening and closing fiscal years • Explain how account schedules can be used to meet financial reporting needs • Display knowledge of the advanced dimensions features such as Analysis Views, Default Dimension Value Posting Rules, Default Dimension Priorities and Dimension Combinations • Describe the functionality related to creating and managing G/L budgets • Describe how to set up, maintain and use multiple currencies • Explain the principles of the additional reporting currency features • Demonstrate how to use XBRL for exchanging financial information General Ledger – Consolidation, Journals and Cash Management • Explain the principles of the consolidation features • Describe the process of creating and posting recurring journals and journal allocations • Describe how to perform the bank reconciliation VAT and Intrastat • Describe how VAT can be manually adjusted in invoices and journals • Demonstrate knowledge of how VAT is settled and reported to the tax authorities • Explain how Intrastat reports are created Sales and Receivables • Display knowledge of the various features available for managing accounts receivable, including reminders and finance charge memos • Explain how payment terms and payment methods are set up and used • Explain how payments are applied to outstanding invoices including the use of payment discounts and multi-currency application • Demonstrate knowledge of how to create alternative sales prices and sales discounts • Outline the use of sales item charges in documents • Explain how to perform a drop shipment • Display knowledge of how to invoice several sales orders in a single invoice Purchases and Payables • Display knowledge of the various features available for managing accounts payable, including how to use the automated features for payment suggestions • Display knowledge of the check features including issuing and voiding checks • Outline the use of purchase item charges in documents, including using credit memos to make purchase allowances • Describe how to use of the purchase requisition worksheet Inventory Costing • Display understanding of the terms and concepts involved with inventory costing • Describe how costs are assigned to inventory acquisitions • Describe how to calculate the inventory value and COGS • Explain inventory adjustments and how inventory and COGS is posted to the General Ledger • Describe how inventory transfers and inventory returns are valued • Describe how to perform inventory revaluations Fixed Assets • Describe how to set up the various components in the fixed assets application area • Describe how to post acquisition and disposal of fixed assets • Identify the available depreciation methods and their consequences for the valuation of fixed assets • Explain how the maintenance and insurance features work Resources and Jobs • Describe how to set up and use resources • Describe how to set up and use jobs including posting to the General Ledger from the Jobs application area System Security and System Maintenance • Demonstrate knowledge of system security and system maintenance functions such as user and password setup, date compression of database entries and tracking data changes using the change log Preparation Guidelines: Recommended Courses Navision Attain 3.60 Essentials Financial Management for Navision Attain 3.60 Inventory Costing for Navision Attain 3.60 Fixed Assets, Resources and Jobs for Navision Attain 3.60 Practical Knowledge Minimum 3 months of hands on experience with the financial management and inventory costing product features is recommended Other Good knowledge of general accounting and financial management routines will be an advantage

Hi can some body tell me where to find sample test papers thanks in advance

Hi Vivek This topic Will lead you to other topics that will explain.