Navision Certification For Development 2

Hai All… I just have already passed my development 1 yesteday

heheh… not bad, 96% :slight_smile:

I’m using navision 4.0 in my office now, so i Passed for navision 4.0 exam

I plan to take my second exam which is development 2

what do you think, which is better, if I take Navison 4.0 Development 2 exam (MB7-222) or navision 5.0 Development Exam (MB7-516)?

is it much different one another for the exam?

please give me advice… thanks before :slight_smile:

I guess its better for you to take Nav 5.0 exam, do what is latest.

if you take the 5.0 exam, the use of your certification will last longer, because after a while, 4.0 will be retired like 2 years before 5.0

is it much different for navision 4 exam and navision 5 exam?

because i’m using navision 4 in my office, and I haven’t use navision 5

it contains few new features, there is a course for development in 5.0 that tells about new things, available on parnter/customer source

Does It Make Much Different From Material Nav 5 Development 1 and Nav 4 Development 1?

I Already Read once training material Nav 5 development 1, it doesn’t much different from nav 4 development 1

so does anyone have a clue for me?