Navision Business Notification Error,Very Very Urgent

I am trying to implement Navision Business Notification:
SQL 2005 Installed
Navision 2009 Installed
Business Notifications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Installed
When Trying to Connect to the server by using the "Notification Manager tools ->connect to server->Server name or IP "
the below message appeared:
The Program cannot connect to the server “server name”. Please check that the server is started and that the server is supports the selected type of connection. if the problem persists contact your server administrator.

Appreciate if you can help, it’s Urgent


for very, very urgent questions there are MS paid support lines. [:@]

msg is descriptive enough for you to look where the problem is.

I don’t know what your knowledge level of SQL is - if you do not understand what the msg says, then follow the second part of the msg - contact the admin.

Good Reply, Thx For your help…

You have a good knowledge of SQL?? if yes reply by a helpfull reply not suggesting to contact my administrator…

Claude, you’re new to this forum and likely do not know yet that usage of words like urgent, immediate and like, especially in the subject, are against netiquette and not welcome in this or any other forum on the web. Forums are operated by volunteers, nobody is obliged to answer you, and usually you would not get an answer at all, using these “prohibited” words… That’s FYI, please learn the lesson and further on everything will be OK.

Back to your question - there might be several reasons:

  • can Navision client connect to server? by default SQL server upon installation disables remote access to it for security reasons - to enforce you to set up only necessary connection options

  • what protocols you have enabled for SQL server and SQL client on PC’s in question?

these are two most common problems, but others may exist

Dear Sir,

Thx For your Clarification and Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Concerning the Questions, we are working confortely on the SQL Database on the server without having any Problem, and we can manage it from everywhere. For The Protocol, we are using TCP.

The Problem is when trying to connect the Business Notification Manager (Already exist on the sama SQL server) to the server.


Best Regards