Navision Business Flow/Process Flow


Can someone tell me where can I get Process Flow document for standard Navision 5.0? I need it urgently for my work.

Thank you.

Anyone can help? I just need Process Flow for standard navision for the following module.

  1. Sales

  2. Purchase

  3. Service

  4. Inventory

  5. Finance

You can find those in Sure Step.

Where can I find the Sure Step? Can Guide? I am very new here. And just learning Navision from scratch.

Thank you in advance.

Sure Step can be downloaded from CustomerSource or PartnerSource.

Ashwin, are you a partner or an end user. If you are an End user, then contact your partner, they will sort out your customer source login so you can get the documentation you are after. If you are a partner then go to the person in charge of Partner source and have them create an account for you.

I have Sure Step Installedon my Laptop. Any quick guide how to run the Work/Process flow?


Just look at the documents and you will get an idea…