Navision Books

I hope that would be able to see a few books released from Microsoft Press and others soon … You tend to get a bit jealous when you see the number of books available for other ERPs : ######

Maybe a number of us should identify a Microsoft Press address for suggestions and request that they consider something. The more such requests they receive, the more likely something will happen. The following email address is the “Contact Us” address from the Microsoft Press Web site: Maybe someone here would like to become an author? Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2002 Jul 29 00:45:30

To my surprise I recently found about 6 Navision related books in german on Amazon, even 3 on Attain. They are rather focused on fucional issues from what I understood from the description, but it’s still a beginning. Guess the target of posible buyers for Navision development books is too small in the german market… Nevertheless, it’s still strange that there is not one single english written book about Navision around. I definitly wouldn’t mind having some more input from “independent” sources… Saludos Nils Edited by - nilsm on 2002 Jul 29 01:52:29