Navision Book - Managing Your Supply Chain

“Managing Your Supply Chain” provides a simple yet comprehensive explanation of how to use Microsoft Navision in small-to-midsize firms involved in manufacturing and distribution. Describing usage in a wide variety of environments and illustrated with more than 50 case studies, it covers how the entire system fits together to coordinate supply chain activities within the company and with business partners. It explains the integration with E-commerce capabilities and with relationship management, service management, business analytics, and accounting applications. Written for those individuals that are considering or currently using Microsoft Navision, it enables readers to focus on distribution or manufacturing environments (or both) and on single-site or multi-site operations. For those involved in system selection, Managing Your Supply Chain provides a vision of an integrated system and helps evaluate system fit and needed customizations. For those involved in system implementation, it can help accelerate and broaden the learning process, suggest changes to improve system usage, reduce resistance to change, and reduce implementation costs and time. The author - Dr. Scott Hamilton – has specialized in information systems for manufacturing and distribution for three decades as a consultant, developer, user and researcher. Scott has consulted worldwide with over a thousand firms, conducted several hundred executive seminars, taught MBA classes at several universities, and helped design several influential ERP packages. He previously co-authored the APICS CIRM textbook on How Information Systems Impact Organizational Strategy and recently authored Maximizing Your ERP System. Book price (approximately US$10), and availability: Also available through McGraw-Hill for Europe orders: Praise for Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Navision: Our Navision implementation team – particularly myself – really benefited from finally grasping the overall picture, and the suggested changes that improved system usage. Terry Cook, CFO, Delkor Systems, USA Bridging the gap between user manuals and real-life implementation, this is a must read for anyone implementing Navision in manufacturing or distribution. Grant Barkman, Consulting Manager, CSB Systems, Canada Fast-track learning was critical for our ERP team, and Dr. Hamilton’s clear and succinct explanations reflect a rare skill in presenting complex subjects simply. Myles Halsband, President, The Abacore Group, USA A refreshingly straightforward explanation of how to use Navision for managing supply chain activities, especially for executives responsible for operations. Mihai Charita, Managing Director, LLP Group, Europe A clear and practical explanation that was invaluable in helping us evaluate and ultimately select Navision as the ERP system for running our business. Karen Slatter, President, Bench Dog Tools , USA An easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide that provides a 24/7 consultant for those implementing supply chain management with Navision. Michael Anderson, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group, Asia

why is the european version called “maximizing” your scm with navision?[:D]