navision black out + hang up when copying

  1. when i try to copy for example customer ledger entries ( around 5000) the attain is hanging up. earlier i was able to copy it (although i would take some time). now i cant .

  2. when i keep my attain client open for few minutes without any activity, its black out, i mean something like window does if inactive for some time. this is happening with attain only,so it cant be a windows problem.

Note: i want to upload the screen shot, but i am not allowed. is something to do with this forum rules.

5,000 records should not be enought to cause this sort of problem by it self, especially if you have been copying 5,000 Customer Ledger Entries before ont he same computer.

It apears that something is taking a long time to copy. One possible thing is to see if you don’t have some filters on the Ledger ENtry table, wiht the wrong key. or Maybe you are filtering on one of the flow field amounts. It could also be that something else is using up ram on your computer, so check task manager when you are copying, and see what is happening with RAM.