navision backup

Hello, is there in Navision an instruction with which I can automate the data backup? At present we backup with Arcserve. I would like to backup additionally with the Navision built in backup. Many greetings Eberhard Kuhl

Look into ExpandIT, it’s a great piece of software that we use for automated Navision backups. It is important that you do not rely on Arcserve, if an error crept into the database, you would backup up bad data. There is NOT a replacement for the Navision backup that also tests the database while it is performing the backup.

You can actually rely on tape backup if You test the database with the DBTEST-option before restarteing the Navision service after backup. Stop the service before backup. After backup do a DBTEST and after that start the service. If DBTEST failes, the service won’t start and ArcServe wont finish. Between nightly backups with ArcServe I recommend You to use HotCopy which is available from version 3.01. Works great. //Lars

If I were to have a batch file which backup the Navision Database every night, how can I ensure that the database is successfully copied to a tape; if I’m using hotcopy? Does anyone recommend third party backup software like Veritas if my customer has the budget for it? Thanks in advance.

Use HotCopy with e-mail notification. Then You know that HotCopy is working. From Veritas (or any other backup software) You use look at the backup report. HotCopy is great for backups during working hours. Combined with a tape backup during “off-hours” (if there are any) and a DBTEST after tape backup, Ypu have a good backup for Naviison

Thanks a lot, Lars. [;)] U’re my saviour of the day.

Hello mates,

I doubted what will be better, activating an old thread or opening a new one.

We’re usig NAV2009 Classic with SQLServer 2008.

As I’m very afraid of data loss, I do automated backups from SQL: 1 full a day + 4 incremental during working hours. It could be insane, but we have a new server and our hard drives are almost empty.

I’ve read about the advantage of using the NAV backup, in order of ensure data integrity. So I’m looking for a freeware application that could automate this similar to DW Navback and ExpandIt.

I wanna know if HOTCOPY is an oldfashioned utility from previous versions or I can use it for my requirements. I suspect that it’s useful for the Server Nav Service, but I dont have any Navision Service running on my server. We have a Client - Server configuration so I have no instalation of Nav on it.

Any idea will be pleased.

Have a good day. Jorge.

Hi Jorge,

Hotcopy and Nav backup are designed for the Native database installations. The Nav backup will work on SQL but you will not have a full enviornment e.g. SQL security - best to do SQL backups in your case.