Navision Backup

I am running a daily backup on the daily basis for 10 GB database with the file arrangement: Navision version + first 3 letters of the day. For example Monday is 3.60 Mon, Tuesday → 3.60 Tue, Wednesday is 3.60 Wed, and etc. Before the database size was hitting 10 GB, the file backup result was okay. I mean the file name was exactly like above mentioned, but now, there are 3 results created automatically by the system; for Monday, the system creates 3.60 Mon, 3.61 Mon and 3.62 Mon. For Tuesday are 3.60 Tue, 3.61 Tue and 3.62 Tue and etc. My suspect is the limitation of the backup file size; once the file result is more than 2MB, then, the system will created automatically the excess into another file. But why the system created 2 additional files? This is my suspection; I am not sure about the correctness. Please advise. ZEN

How big are these three files ?

Have you checked the datestamps? Is the Tue 360 file the one from the previous week and this weeks are Tue 361 & Tue 362 - I would expect two files only?

The size of three files are 3.60 Mon is 2GB, 3.61 Mon 172 MB and 3.62 Mon is 19MB. Yes, Paul the datestamps for 3.60 Mon and 3.61 Mon are the same which is 01/23/2006 and 3.62 Mon is dated on 11/21/2005. ZEN

I think you may be advised to move the files to a separate folder each time the backup has completed. You can then clearly see which files are being created.

When creating a fbk which exceeds the limitation of the file system, the backup job will number the created files. If there is already a number in the original fbk filename, it simply increases this number. This can create some problems when restoring the database with such backups, therefor I suggest not to use numbers in fbk files. Just try to create a databse with your backups, you’ll see…

I will try your suggestions today. This is what I am gonna do: create a new folder and put the fbk result into this new folder and I will not use any number for the fbk file. I will keep you guys inform about the result. Thank you, Panca

You basically have the answer, but just to clarify. When creating Backup file names, Navision uses the INCSTR function to create the next file name. Basically to avoid the system generating odd file names, add an integer to the end ofthe file name, and the you will have control. I would suggest naming the backups something like: 370MON01.fbk or 360WED01 Navision will then create files such as 370MON01.FBK, 370MON02.FBK, 370MON03.FBK, this will make it more logical and easier when it comes tme to restore.

And just one more: INCSTR always increments the LAST number in a string so 360MON01 is incremented to 360MON02 and 360MON is incremented to 361MON !!! Sorry, David, but I had to write this just to complete your answer.

No Problems Thomas. There can never be too much information.

The result is the same; two backup files are created even though I didn’t put any numbers into the file name. I named the backup file as FRI but I got 2 results i.e. FRI (about 2GB) and FRI2 (about 211MB). Please help. Zen

I think the backer upper automatically creates multiple files when the total backup size exceeds 2GB. This is a hard coded feature in the Navision Backup function that I don’t thik you can manipulate.

Hi Zen, I don’t see what the problem is. If you name the first fiel correctly, then the following fiels will be correctly labeled, then you just need to make sure you ahve all the backup files correctly stored for a restore. I understand your confussion with files names, but don’t see why multple files is an issue.

There is no problem actually; I am questioning and ensuring myself about the oddity with my back up result lately and want to make sure everything is alright. In the past, after running the backup, I got only 1 backup file as the result but right now I got 2 backup files as the result. (Please read original topic). If the system automatically creates multiple files when the total backup size exceeds 2GB, then, I got this answer of my question. If that the case, then, is that mean we have to restore both files when running the restoring? ZEN

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. If the file size is too big, NAvision will create a second file to store the rest. (You have just now exceeded 2Gig so that’s why you are seeing the issue now). When you restore, the first file will automatically tell Navision the name of the second file (ir third fourth etc). So make sure that you kmaintain copies of all the backup files. If you loose one, then the whole backup is useless.

What about the file size limit for the second result? Is it also 2 GB? ZEN

All of the backup files have the 2GB limit

This is also handy if you want to make a backup on to floppy disks. In this case Navision will limit the files size to 1.44Meg. And this is wone of the original reasons that Navision did this. Though I guess its a while since anyone did a backup direct to floppy disk.

Oh, yes, please let me backup a 11GB database onto floppy disks.

For this case, are there any other ways to get the only 1 backup file instead of 2 files? Or probably, there is an encription add on program avaiable? ZEN