Navision backup problem

I have a customer who, up to last week, was quite happily setting off a manual navision backup to his local machine with his 3.10a client before heading home each evening. In the morning he would return to find two files (fin.fbk and fin2.fbk) in the specified directory. Now he is finding that only the second file (fin2.fbk) is in the specified directory. The problem also occurs when backing up to a directory on the server instead. The customer assures me he is doing nothing different to normal and nothing has changed hardware wise. Also when he first starts the backup he can see fin.fbk being created and growing in the directory. Has anyone seen this before and/or suggest a resolution please.[?]

I once encountered your problem once : Like yourself my customer told me that that they did not do anything special [;)] He just forgot to mention that he expanded the production Database and their was not enough space availble to stick the .fdb files in the dedicated server/folder for Navision. So yes beside expanding the DB of 25% he has not done anything special[:D]