Navision Automation on Win 2008

I developed a COM object written in DotNet 2.0 for a client. We use the DLL to pass form level data to an external application to conduct a search. This has been working for 5 years. Client began making changes on the form in question and is unable to compile. DLL is registered correctly, but the AUTOMATION variable shows that the Automation Server is not available. Subtype button lists COM objects, but does not show this one.

DLL was written with a COM wrapper in VS 2005 and is compiled as a 32 bit application. Navision is 32 bit and external application is 32 bit.

This works perfectly in same form and Navision database on Windows 7 64 bit. Button executes script as expected and admin can make a form change and compile the form.

Two separate Windows 2008 servers (64 bit as well) have the same issue. Cannot compile the form after a change. When viewing the variables it is discovered that the AUTOMATION variable does not exist and does not show up in the list.

On both servers, the original form calls the COM object correctly and performs as expected.

On both servers, I can run the 32 bit version of cscript and run a VBS file that can also correctly call the DLL and perform the expected communication to the external application.

From the variable definition window, I can see other COM objects designed in VS for DotNet with COM Wrappers and select them. Windows 7 can see the original under the AUTOMATION SUBTYPE selection. Windows 2008 cannot.

Windows 2008 form functions as expected, but cannot compile new changes and cannot browse to see the automation server.

Basically the only differences in the COM exposure of the visible and non-visible DLLs is that the 2008 non-visible is targeted for DotNet 2.0 and compiled in VS2005. The visible is targeted for DotNet 3.5 and compiled in VS2010.

Any ideas on why the Automation server is not visible in the Variable definition?