Navision Auto Launch

Hi, We’ve managed to launch a Navision 3.7 session and run a codeunit by using a Scheduled Task. The Run field of the Scheduled Task has the following in: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client\fin.exe” id=370auto,servername=yourservername,nettype=TCP,company=whichevercompany,ntauthentication=yes When this is run, a session opens and login is by Windows Authentication. The system recognises the windows login and runs a codeunit. All this works very well. Until the following happens: You schedule the session to run at 8pm and leave your pc switched on and go home. For security reasons you have the screensaver on which locks the pc. The session runs succesfully and the codeunit does what you want it to do. You come back to your pc later and unlock it. The Navision tab is at the bottom of the screen but you can’t maximise it. You can right-click on it and after a while restore/maximise but then the screen you see is all strange. If there is a form open the text is replaced by black shapes and you have to hover over the fields to see the text. Does anybody have any useful ideas or views on what we are trying to do and overcoming any problems ? Many Thanks in Advance Robin

Hi, I have the same problem sinve Navision is running on a XP-PC. But I don’t know, if it depends from this circumstance. Michael

Hi Michael, I’m glad we’re not alone then ! Under what circumstances do you find this happening ?

When working in Navision 3.6 and after the screensaver started had the same kind of problem in XP. So I don’t think it’s related to the scheduler. Now it’s gone…

Hi Robin, it’s the same as Erikn stated, after deactivating the screensaver, I have to close Navision and restart it, because I have the same view as you described. But why,…, perhaps, god know’s. Michael

I had a similar problem in XP. I had installed the ALT-TAB powertoy from Microsoft. I could not ‘maximize’ the taskbar icon. After removing the powertoy, I could not maximize the icon, unless I hit alt-tab, and then the window opened. Weird, eh? -john

I once saw a laptop where something similar happened. It was not mine though, so I also can’t explain it. I do remember reading something about how Navision cooperates with modern power saving characteristics somewhere on the documentation (I can’t pin point the document). It is probably some kind of glitch between the application and the way Windows handles session inactivity (screen saver, standby, etc.).

Unfortunately the power management in Navision (Standby, Hybernation and Screen Saver), first introduced in 2.60, has become ‘broken’ since around 3.10. An upcomming hotfix for 3.70 (which comes after 3.70B) solves the power management issues, so it might help. However the description here of blackened areas of the form could be a different unrelated bug. I will make a post when this hotfix is available. For now, I doubt that there is anything that can be done.

Hi Guys, Thanks for your responses. I can’t say I’ve ever looked forward to a hotfix before but it sounds like this will be a good one to fix. Thanks

Hi, Just to keep you all informed. I’ve reported this to Microsoft and they’ve recognised that there is a problem and they’ve been able to reproduce it themselves. They are passing the problem on to Denmark for further investigation. Watch this space !

Hi, There is always a go around… Why don’t u create a log table with necessary fields and fill in the table in ur scheduler codeunit, so no need for message relying… Hope this helps u… cheers, JHC

Hi JHC, We do that anyway. At this moment though it means the user has to log that session off and login again. Also, the fact that the forms end up badly drawn isn’t very appealing when all other applications they may have running appear fine and doesn’t really impress the customer much. Cheers