Navision Attain W1 3.60 Client rights

I have downloaded that version ant install it. But when I want to make a table, form, data report, I do not have the rights to save it. Is this normal or do i have to import another .flf file ?? Chris Vandewiele

Hello Chris, The development rights on the demonstration licence are very limited. You can modify and save changes to the customer table (T18), Customer Card and List (F21 & F22) and the customer list report (R101), but nothing else. To do more than this you will need a full Navision Financial/Attain licence (*.flf file) from an NSC and replace the demostration one with it. You will also need to have on the licence the modules you wish to work with as well, for example you will need the Sales & Receiveables granules to develop on or develop with objects from that section of the system Hope this is of help.