Navision Attain & TCP/IP Sockets

How to establishing a connection between the NF host and another host over a particular IP Address and Port, then exchanging data (transactions).

If You read the “installation and system setup manual” you’ll find information about how to run more than one navision server on the same physical server. That will be of use to You. The IP-adress is quite simple. It will run on the Ip-adress of You server. The port no. can be controlled by the services file on the server and on (every) client.

Thanks Lars, but I think you have mis-understood my question. I am trying to create a connection between a Navision Financials client (version 3.60), and a 3rd party peice of software, using tcp/ip sockets. Can you help me with this?

have a look at Navision Socket Bus Adapter: “The Navision Socket Bus Adapter uses Microsoft Windows Sockets 2 to provide communication between two systems across networks, for example across the Internet, and independently of network protocols.” You can find detailed information in the “Development Guide for Communication Components” (file devguide.chm).