Navision Attain on linux platform

Hi all can somebody tell me if it is possible to run navision attain 3.60 on linux platforms … thanx regards ramya

You might try wine, but I have no idea if it works.

Not sure about client side but I think that you can run it as service…

I have asked this to NTR, and am simply told, it is not supported. But being that there is some supported which is almost being phased out anyways, for UNIX, I guess a Linux user could try to play aroung with the guide and commands in the installation document. But this is only for the server!!! Robert

I know this is an old topic, but I discovered recently that Linux has a client for RDP. So possibly this might be a solution to run the client from a Linux box. [:I]

You can install Navision on Linux platform . However there is no support from Navision on the same and there wont take any responsibility. Concluding should i say that MS wants Navision to be Proprietary to them only.