Navision Attain - Dimensions

Hi all, Need to understand the diffence in between “single” and “multible” dimension, when entering G/L-Chart af Accounts- Account-Dimensions.

Check the Help, searching on “multiple dimension”. If that’s not enough information, post your question again. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi, THere is a lot more to the multiple dimensions than what you have asked for. The major difference is that previously you could only attach a project code and a department code to a G/L account, but with multiple dimension you can attach as many user defined dimensions as you want. Although on the outlook it may seem that the dimension are restricted to the GLobal dimensions but all of these can be setup as defaults for a Source code on a Journal, entry on a Journal and to a G/L account directly, I would not suggest the Navision Help for your question but would suggest you go through the Navision Upgrade course which is very useful for the dimensions. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

If your question is pertaining the ‘dimension-single’ and ‘dimension-multiple’ that would mean assiigning the dimensions to a single record or a multiple records. the ‘dimension-multiple’ functionality is to make it easier for the user to assign a same dimension across more than 1 record. this function can be found mostly in list view of the records in navision. i think what prashant barthur meant was the BASIC or the ADVANCED dimensions. in the new navision attain, if the user purchased the BASIC dimension, the user only has access to the global dimensions (2 dimensions) if the user purchased the ADVANCED dimension the user has access to all the dimensions (as many as the user required) however i would recommend you attending the upgrade course as well, as it is real good and relevant to developers and implementors of the 2.6 version. jordan

I also generally find it very useful to use the CRONUS database and run some various test scenarios through. I find that experimentation is one of the best ways to understand how new Navision features work. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner