Navision Attain Database Path & Folder Creation

1)How do i get database path at run time (thru my code) 2)How to create/delete folders thru Navision Code.Is there any provision available in Navisio-Attain.

Hi Nitin, you can use record variable of “Database File” to get the database file Path. and for the folder creating and deleting , i think , the best is make an ocx in VB, it is very easy to make, if you know vb

if you’re not using SQL : 1. In Navision there is a system-table 2000000001 In German called :“Datenbankdatei” which contains the database path. 2.) Try “file.create” . In Navision 2.00 (German) this will work for folders too.

Thanks for information ajay, 1)Well, when i create Record veriable and trying to select ‘SUB TYPE’ it doen’t show any table name as “Database File”.From where i should get it.? 2)Ya, i know VB/COM etc.I tried the in the same manner. But customer has to purchase VB etc. for ‘File Scripting Object’ functionalities. → Nitin

i do not think customer will have to buy vb, and to get the database path you did not use rec.find; first use this function to get the path.

to get database path do like this db Record Database File db.find; message(db.“File Name”);

Hi Nitin, sorry, wrong number, correct : 2000000010

Thanks Ajay /Hans, I solved my both the problems. Have you tried to use a dialog for searching files etc without using MS-windows common control.? If you have any info about that please let me know. Regards Nitin Patil Regards Nitin Patil

Take a look at your Navision CD. Somewhere on it you can find tools to update from a former version to the current version. There is a FOB-File which contains a tool to compare TXT-Files. A simply form to choose Path/file is in it. Systematically they work with the System table FILE an ordinary forms.