Navision Attain Database Fail / PLEASE HELP !!


We are running Navision Attain V3.70 with two native databases, yesterday i replace one of the disks, copy the database2 to another drive and back again. The system will not run, fail the two databases have not the same timestamp, i have changes the timestamp but it want not work. [+o(]

Hi Karsten,

Plese send your Screen Shot (Error Msg) to may mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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It is not the files’ timestamps - NAV-database has [kind of] a timestamp “inside”.

Are you running on a server? With a service? If: Did you stop the service before copying the database2-file? If not, you probably have to restore a backup…

Unfortunately Anfinnur is probably correct. You really shouldn’t do stuff like this without workign with your Navision partner, who would have warned you of the dangers of file manipulation with Navision Databases. There are a numebr of things that could have caused this, but the only one you can likely recover from is if you copied the wrong files, AND you have a copy of the original files AND you know exactly which one is which AND you can put them back in the right place.

Even C/DART won’t recover form this error, so you really need to stat thinking of how to recover the backup.