Navision ATTAIN Components

Hi, Can someone explain me, what components are “hidden” under there numbers in Navision Attain 3.60. Please… is urgent!!!

What do you mean with: - Components? - Hidden? - Numbers? Your question is very cryptic…

I’m sorry for my messed up message. So… A firm (navision reseller) want to sell us new components for Navision attain, they (components) come with attain 3.6. We upgraded from Navision financials 2.0 to NAvision Attain 3.6. And I would like to know (urgently) what components (specification) are used under theese numbers: - NF3080 - NF3060 - NF4100 If someone knows more about theese components, please tell me, or send me a link where I could read about it. DARKO

Granule ID’s?

if they are then I have 3080 as General Ledger - Change Log 3060 as General Ledger - Responsibility Centers 4100 as Inventory - Location Transfers I’m not sure why your not having your reseller sit down with you and explain granules and answer your questions? Maybe you don’t need these. They can be added at any time with the change of your license. This goes for all the other granules too.

Hi, all! So, I would like to know these Granules for my self, first. That I could talk better with our MBS reseller. If someone has a link or links where I could read more about above granules, please send it to me! My email: With regards, DARKO KAVRAN