Navision Attain Certification for Non-NSC Employee

As I know Navision Attain Certification is only available for NSC or NTR Employee. Are there any changes under Microsoft’s control?

Interesting question. Not only for end-users, but also for those of us, who are working freelance. Not for now. But maybe we should ask the NSC’s who also resell Great Plains. As far as I know, then Great Plains used to allow end-users access to their education etc. But if the new Microsoft Business Solutions. I will move this topic from the “Navision Developer Forum” to “Open Subject” where I hope to find more Great Plains users.

Hi April! Well, in Germany there’s also the possibility to get a certification for “ordinary endusers” - at least in our case! We have “Application Builder” and “Solution Developer” licenses, so we ask NAVISION Germany (PC&C, Hamburg) for a way to certify our developers. They told us, that it is possible! So, when ever we want (if our developers are well prepared [:D]) we can sign in CAT-Global to do the required tests. Regards, Jörg

Hi Erik, Sometime back we received communication from NTR that even end-users can get certification but with a request to recommend on a selective basis. I remember, it was when Micro Soft changed the Test Center from CAT Global to Vue. Check it out with your NSC? Regards

We had executive Meeting with our local (italian) Navision subsidiary. Things may change in future - normal Navision certification will not bie enough anymore. In order to become a Microsoft Business Solutions Provider NSC have to do further certification - on Microsoft products and technologies also. Only with that certification you are allowed to sell Microsoft and Navision Products… Actually I am not a friend of certification - I experienced that with another big player too (SAP). In my opinion it’s just a question of providing money for the local Navision subsidiary - thats my point of view - I hope Microsoft can convince me of the opposite…

I have spoken to NSC in Australia and I am told I have to be NSC employee if I want to be certified. I don’t understand why. Is it because NSC will lose business if enduser/freelance developers are allowed to receive certification? Even this is the reason, there is no way to stop endusers to develop their system by themselves. I am interested in the certification because I thought that will help me to find out where my skills are up to. You can’t be certified as non-NSC employee sounds like you can’t vote because you are a woman in early last century. It doesn’t sound fair to me. It seems I have only two options if I insist to be certified - quit my current job and try to become NSC employee or convince my employer to get rid of Navision. Is there a third option? [;)]