Navision Attain Application Handler

Ok, I give. Is there any documentation for this Automation Variable? I’ve grazed the 3.6 CD for help files to no avail. It appears to have these classes… CDOHandler MAPIHandler MergeHandler OutlookHandler TAPIHandler WordHandler

Mark, These Automation objects are the ones used by the standard Navision codeunits that handle the respective integration feature. From the top of my head I think the MAPIHandler one is used by the Mail codeunit (397), the others I’m not so familiar with. I am not aware of any documentation for these I would just suggest finding the codeunit in Navision where the automoation variable is used and reverse engineering the functions from there. Regards, Chris.

Automation variables come from outside Navision, so you need to seach the application for the help. E.g. If you want help ont he OutlookHandler, you need to go to the MS Office install, and make sure that you have VB installed for Outlook, if not install it. Then run VB, and search the help there. You will find that there are subtle differences, but it should get you started.