Navision Attain and SAP

Has anyone made a realtime integration between Navision Attain and SAP? What I’m looking for is a way to make an instant lookup of inventory data to be able to calculate delivery times from Navision. I’m thinking of an XML based solution, but I wonder if there are other and maybe more inexpensive solutions.

Erik, We have built a similar solution that enables inventory lookup and delivery time calculation between two different Navision databases. The technologies we are using are JMS message queue (Microsoft Message Queue works just as well), NAS, ASP, XML and XMLHTTP. The Navision client requesting the inventory lookup sends a HTTP request to a webpage and posts a XML document to that webpage using the XMLHTTP component. That webpage then communicates with a JMS queue which is monitored by the NAS by an event. The NAS picks up the message, processes it and sends a reply back to the webpage which then writes the reply back to the XMLHTTP component and is thereby accessible by the original Navision client. All communication is synchronous and done with XML documents. One reason that we choose this solution was that the Navision client (the client that requests the inventory status) only needs the XMLHTTP component installed. This component is included with Internet Explorer (and probably other browsers as well). The communication is synchronous and that is a requirement for a lookup like this. The communication can be done over the internet which doesn’t limit the locations of the Client (inventory requestor) and Server (inventory holder). Your requirement was a SAP inventory requestor to a Navision inventory holder. Since I’m not a SAP expert I can’t estimate the cost of implementing the client part of this solution, but built it in a pure Navision world the solution is very affordable. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Regards, Bruno

Hi Bruno, So we meet again! [:)] Have you knowledge of anyone else in the Navision world using JMS (Java Message System) with Navision?

Hi Erik, Hope all is well [:)]. GN is the only client I have knowledge of that are using JMS. If you are debating on using JMS or MSMQ you could also look into the MSMQ 3.0 (windows 2003) features: Regards, Bruno