Navision Attain 3.60

Hi! we have Navision Attain 3.60 with its own database on a windows nt 4.0 server running. Some user get sometimes the following problem: when they scroll in a form they get the following error message: internal error 1355 in modul 19. Contact your … This error comes not every time but sometimes. Then the user must start the navision 3.60 client again beacause he had crashed. And the error comes then sometimes again or not. What means that error? What could we do against it? Thanks!

Apparently this is a known problem, this is an excerpt from an e-mail related to this issue: Is there a fix for the Error 1355 in Module 19 that occurs when using the scroll bar to view data? Answer Yes, there is a fix available for Error 1355 in Module 19. A hot fix has been release on November 25th that will correct the issue. If you have the problem with 3.10, you will need to upgrade the customers client executables as well as the database server to 3.60.

Excuse me, but you can see that he’s mentioning that the problem is in NA 3.60 Version. The reason for it was the implementation of functionality which enable the scroll bar to function as it should in case of scrolling big list of data i.e, to show in the bar how much of data has been read and how much left. Yes it is a reported error, check out latest service pack(or new executables/files)as no other solution exist for this.