Navision Attain 3.60 and Hyperthreading

Hi! we have navision attain 3.60 (database version 3.60 and code version 3.10) with its own database running on a xeon processor (windows 2000 server) with hyperthreading. Now my question: is the navision 3.60 software using the xeon hyperthreading? or is navision 3.60 running slower on a xeon with hyperthreading? when we have all under navision 3.70 (database and code) is that better for hyperthreading? Thanks

I’m quite interested in that myself… I’m having a weird performance problem with a customer… Test server is P4 2Ghz (singe IDE HD) and Production Server is dual Xenon 2Ghz (with 3 x raid 1) and the Production sever is 2/3 times slower when using THE C/ODBC interface to navision. So i’m looking for every possible way to solve this weird problem

You won’t see much performance difference between a 300Mhz Piii and Dual Xeon 2Ghz processors in Navision. The CPU really has so little effect on server performance that it is not worth worying about. Spend the money instead on more hard disks. Also remember that the second CPUs sole purpose in life is to increase the cost of your server.