Navision Attain 3.10A on AS/400 (i-series) IBM

Hi! I am currenty testing NA database server on IBM AS/400 (i-series) server. The instalation of server went without any problems, i also created 1G database in 2 minutes, but when i start to import objects or restore database, then everything goes VERY SLOW. It takes more than a minute to import one object. Does anybody have any expiriance with NA and AS/400? Bostjan

Hi, I have some exp. with iSeries & NA… What version are you running ? The one Navision released this Friday, or is it the beta (If beta goto release:-) ? How does your iSeries look like - how many disks / User ASPs - how much RAM does it have ? - Have you install all the req. PTFs ? Do you see page faults ? For OS/400 V5R1 you will see a connection with database size & RAM need/usage (stated in the doc). Could you please tryout with a smaller database (like Cronus - 100 Mb). Just to see if database size matters for you. This only apply if it has anything to do with the iSeries - it could be your network :slight_smile: If anything else fails: call support, they’ll love to help you out :slight_smile:

Hi! It is as type 9406_270 V5R1 OS/400, 1G ram, 9 x 9G HD, two 2434 processors. Where can i check if PTF’s are installed? The problem is the same, regardless on the database size. But I made some more testing. The NA server in working OK, if object are created manualy. I have created a test table, then insert 100.000 with dataport and there where no problems. After that I modifyed test table (add new fields and key). And the i write some CAL code and added 100.000 record in table. It took 8:10 minutes. On SQL server it took 3 minutes. We will wait on this new version, which came out on friday. Bostjan

Hi All I’ve successfully created a database in the iSeries, I want to create another database for Pristine. I’ve created the directory and FTP’d the objects and unpacked them. When I start the server in PASE (it has a differant name to the server running in my current database) I get an error that reads ‘Communication Port is being used by another program’ I note that my server that is working ok is using port 2407. I suspect my new server is also trying to use port 2407 hence the problem. Anybody have any ideas? Anybody installed more than one database on an iSeries? Regards