Navision Attain 3.10 two databases

Hi! under navision 2.60 all connection inputs (server, database) where in a *.zup file. how is that under attain 3.10? My problem: I have on my windows nt 4.0 navision server two navision attain databases (fdb files) in one directory lying and I want that every user should have two attain icons - one icon for database1 and one icon for database2. How could I make this - which command parameters need I for that? Thanks

Hi One of the simplest ways is to create 2 zup files. You dont actually have to create them, here is how you could do it: 1. Go to the Navision Financials client directory and Right click, choose create Shortcut. 2. Cut this shortcut to the desktop or wherever you want it and Rename it ‘DB1’ or whatever. Right click the shortcut. In the command line, just add the following : ID=DB1. So your shortcut’s command line looks something like this: “C:\Program Files\Navision Financials\Client\fin.exe” ID=DB1 3. Copy the shorcut, rename the second one ‘DB2’. Go and edit the command line so that it looks like: “C:\Program Files\NA-SG-310-A\Client\fin.exe” ID=DB2 4. Double click the DB1 shorcut. If it opens a local Navision database, close it and open the proper server. 5. Do the same for the DB2 shorcut. From now on the DB1 shotctu will go to DB1 AND db2 shortcut to DB2. Regds the Wish Man

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Hi Joab, Just remember - if the user wants to act too smart, he can use the shortcut for DB1 and yet deliberately open DB2. In this case he/she will come back to DB2 the next time he uses DB1 if that was the database he had last opened with the DB1 shortcut. Sometimes flexibility can be a pain. If you really want to prevent this, you can restric the user’s rights to access the File/Database/Open menu point and have the parameter SERVERNAME=DB1 in the command line.