Navision Archiving Tool


Is there Navision database Archiving Tool available.?

Ex: I have 10 years data, In which I want only last restore only last 3 years data. And will leave 1st 7 years data as it is.

Thank you.

I don’t think there is such tool, any specific reason expect that carrying 7 years of data.


That’s client requirement. He uses large database, in which he don’t want all the data.He wants only last 3 years data for reporting purpose.

Thank you.

What version of Navision are we speaking of?

There are data compression options, but overall you would not get much compressed maybe between 10 to 15 percent. You will also loose some of your historical data detail.

Have you considered creating a new company and running the setup checklist? While keeping the old DB in tact with all of the data and detail for reporting purposes.

When you say “large database”, what do you mean? Can you be more specific?

Why does your client want to do this? What end results are they expecting? Besides the database having less data.

As per Indian income tax rules you need to keep at least 5 years records if I am not wrong, may it be physical record also.

If then also you want to do it than you can create multiple database which carries specific period of data.

This is just a thought, need to do R n D.