Navision Application Server

We are currently running application server 3.01b version to run a polling routine for real time stock updates from an access database. This work really well (Now) but we do get errors in Event Viewer from Attain. Such as : value entry already exists or application entry already exists. The only logical explanation i can see for this is that posting within an attain client takes priority over the application server posting routine?? Does anyone have any dealings with application server and posting from it? All i am doing is really calling the item jnl post Codeunit.

Hi Andrew, I have a similar issue to to the one you describe above and so found this posting in MBSUG. (I also suspect the customer is similar, pies ring a bell?). As you suggested, I think it is simply an issue of contention for primary key values when the batch routine attempts to process the item journal line and the situation resolves itself on the next scheduled iteration of the process. However, I thought I would post anyway to see if there was any more apsects to this problem that became apparent when you experienced it and might need some action. Best regards from sunny Tipton. Chris.

Glad it’s all yours now my friend! The only real issue that it was causing was a slight delay and a load of entries in Event viewer. So nothing that they would notice on a day to day basis. So how are our friends in Tipton then??

They are not too bad - they are just about to start using Navision Manufacturing so I am sure the support calls will tripple! Thanks for the reply and I’ll leave you with that warm glow that comes from knowing --it’s not your problem anymore!! Regards, Chris.