Navision Application Server Setup

Good Morning Guys

i am having a little bit of trouble with the set-up of a NAS i have successfully created a service on the NAS Server and also using the NAS snap-in configured it to our Navision DB

the service is using AD account that i am sure we have assigned the correct roles to it and this user is also setup within Navision as a Super user role

when i am trying to start the service, it hangs and we get an error that say the service cannot start in a timely fashion

we are using Navision 2009 Client, and the Application server is Windows Server 2008

am i missing something?

any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


Does the AD account have the right to run as a service?

Yes the account has been granted the correct rights to start the service, this is given when you add the account to the log on tab on the service :slight_smile: