Navision Application Server Help

Hello All: I am trying to gather information on how to use the Nav. App. Server to communicate from a java server (xml docs) to the navision native database (3.1A). Any information provided would be great. If any one has any documentation on the nav server (I have the install/management guide), I would be greatly appreciative. Also if someone has these docs. - NAS Tutorial (How to create an application using Navision Application Server in 30 mins) → Word-Document in english - Comcom and the Bus adapter → Word-Document in english - XML und Navision Application Server" - English. Thanks in advance. Owen

when you install the comcom components, then it also installs a help file, with VB examples and examples of receiving/sending codeunits in Navision. Look under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Navision\Communication Component