Navision and Web Invoicing

Does anyone know if there exists a Navision mod or add-on that would support online invoicing from vendors to Purchase Orders, I found Commerece Gateway, but am unsure if that would work for my client. Thanks for your help!

Try looking at the Classified Ad section - there are a couple of third party solutions from ExpandIT that may help. One is their Internet Shop and the other a remote client solution. It all depends upon just what your client is looking to achieve. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Best of luck Keith Keith Grinsted ExpandIT Solutions UK Ltd

No conflict of interest here then keith lol David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

Dilbertqb, A little more details in your question would be appriated. If you’re just talking about simple lookup and eventually update on a line by line basis with information on what’s been shipped, then you don’t really need the commerce gateway. Then I would recommend something simpler. Either our own ADO interface (a simplyfied interface for Navision especially for web usage developed by BMI) or maybe even the Internet Shop from ExpandIT. What you need is a very flexible system. If the client uses the Navision web shop already (or plans to do so), then you can do it here as well. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Inclusively you can use some other remote conection handlers, like Citrix metaframe for connecting or, inclusively, connecting them through internet with the navision client itself. If u’re searching a web option, Navision Webshop it’s quite flexible, but if u’re going to install a definitive thing, may be better if you can wait to navision 3.0, where you’ll find it integrated. Regards – Alfonso Pertierra Spain