Navision and Palm integration?

Hi all I’m currently developing a small solution handling the export and import of Navision data between Navision and the PalmPilot platform(Palm III - V). The solution consists of the current items: - export/import module for Navision exporting data to and from the Palm(ocx) - conversion tool for Navision → Palm table → Navision(ocx) - Palm application displaying Navision data in table view. Editing on Palm is possible, so altered data may be exported to Navision The solution is currently only a minimal beta-release. And it may also stay that way, if the demand on such solutions are only limited to a handfull. So my question is: Does anyone actually need a solution like this? Do any customers or NSC’s need a tool like this? If not, I’ll stop by the early state beta-release, and concentrate my time on other projects. Any comments are welcome. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Andreas L.

Dear Andreas, This sounds like a great idea. What I would like to see the most is: - Time&Billing/Expense integration. Also a solution to integrate Navision contacts/tasks to Outlook and the Palm. But this is not really what you are talking about. Is it? ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Andreas, Ditto, I think it sounds like a great idea…we have coded our own timesheet/billing functionality - perhaps you could consider on-selling the raw components (ie. OCX) to other NSCs. Andre Rencontre BCompSci, MCSE HLB Mann Judd Victoria, Australia

Hi again It’s nice to know that somebody actually may need my small solution. So I’ll go on making a beta-release of solution. It should be ready sometime in the beginning of May. I’ll try to make it as flexible as possible, meaning beeing able to export any type of information from Navision, and display it on the Palm. But the first beta-release will concentrate on showing how to export General Ledger account information. But it should be fairly simple to expand the solution to cover Time & Billing/Expense integration as well. The first release will also be a bit primitive, and not include the elegant look and feel GUI interface of fully developed applications. But the release will be able to export/import using Navision, and to display the Navision data on a Palm. I’ll post a message on this board when I have something ready. So until then, have fun. Regards Andreas

i am waiting

Hi again I have created two OCX to import/export Navision data into a Palm table format. The OCX will be ready by Monday next week. I’m currently programming the related Palm application to display the converted Navision tables. It should be ready Monday as well. I also need to make some documentation of this first beta-release, so the total package should be ready for distribution/upload by Tuesday next week. I’ll supply a download area on this forum, when it’s ready. Regards Andreas

I’ll supply a download area on this forum, when it’s ready. You mean you will upload it to so people can download it from the download-section? Edited by - webmaster on 5/18/00 2:55:14 PM

Hi again Yes, I mean that I will upload it at, and also supply a copy for download at, where I also have placed a copy of the utilities found at the download area of Sorry about the misunderstanding. Regards Andreas L.