Navision and .NET ....? The article doesn’t mention Axapta or Attain by definition, but says Navision is using .NET to develop an IDE.

… which they have been doing for some time now. When we will see it, I don’t know. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Software development today is a race between the programmers trying to make better and more foolproof programs, and the universe trying to make bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.

I also read an article (also featuring interviews with BMI’s CEO/president Larry Schiff and Aston Group US’ president George Brown) in Økonomisk Ugebrev that Navision is way ahead of Microsfot Great Plains in regards to their implementation of .NET! Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Implementation of C# and/or .Net is not likely to happen in the current product(s), due to the differences in structure etc. So, it must be scheduled for the next generation. Given the “freshness” of both Attain and Axapta, I would guess we’ll have had another Xmas before actual release. Being ahaead of Great Plains says perhaps more about GP than about Navision John

This was posted in another topic (that has been closed and refered to this thread): Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Hi I don’t think Navision conversion to .NET is a replacement for Attain or Axapta just yet. But what I think will happen is that they will replace webshop with an addon for the SQL version that will work with .NET. This product will be able to interface Attain with VS .NET allowing you to build a new front end. Much like webshop does with the web, the aim being you use web forms to build you application. IF that is the case then there would be nothing to stop you writting a new front end to the product using VS .NET leaving the accounting fuctions to Attain. (I am thinking EPOS etc, but could be any thing). In fact I don’t think that the product launch is very far away my guess is that it will be the early part of April (3-5 may be). Now I am only piecing together the few scraps that I have heard about does anybody know any more. Paul Baxter Edited by - triff on 2002 Feb 20 22:00:33