navision and microsoft cluster

HI! We have navision version 2.60 on windows nt version 4.0 with the navision 2.60 own database running. We have 2 nt 4.0 servers with microsoft cluster. Now my questions: could we anyway in ms cluster configure that when one server is hanging automatically the navision service on the second running windows nt 4.0 server starts? how is that to configure? has anybody navision 2.60 or attain version xy running under windows 2000 with microsoft cluster? Is there a better method instead of using the complex microsoft cluster - for example two computers with the same installation and an external diskarray. When one machine hangs the diskarray is connected to the second computer and this computer is started. Pleas some suggestions! Thanks Fritz rebernik 2. kann man nicht irgendwie auf diesem Cluster konfigurieren wenn ein Server haengt automatisch Navision Dienst auf 2. Server gestartet wird? Wie konfiguriert man das? 3. da die ganze Konstellation mit MS Cluster relativ komplex scheint gibt es hier keine Alternativen? 2 ganz gleich installierte PC’s mit externen Plattenstapel den man falls der 1. Rechner haengt auf 2. Rechner haengt und diesen dann einfach hochfaehrt. Andere gute Ideen? MfG FR

We ran financials 2.5 under an NT cluster for nearly two years. Navision is not “cluster aware”, I would call it cluster tolerant. The servers will kick back and forth - anything not committed is lost - the clients will have to reconnect if the culster actually fails over. It works - not like SQL, but it works and is a viable option. I never tried it under 2000, but is very straight forward in setting up - just like any other application. Build your cluster - install the server engine on primary box - test. Kick to the secondary box - install the server engine on the secondary box - test. Both need a shared data stor for the .FDB and a second one for the cluster quorum.