Navision and Excel

Hello Folks, No to don’t want to start a new discussion about navision and excel … But i have a little question: I want to put some Values in Excel, no Problem! But now i want to use a secound datasheet in my excel template. E.g.: First datasheet A, and secound datasheet have the name B. And i want to put someValue on Page A some on B. Can anyone help me ??? ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert System Engineer EMail:

Okay i found it myshelf … only use in code: xlSheet := xlApp.ActiveSheet; xlSheet := xlBook.Worksheets.Item(‘Tabelle1’); xlSheet.Activate; ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer EMail:

There is a sample report that uses mulitiple sheets for download @ David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: