Navision and Crystal Report

Is it possible to call a Crystal Report in Navision? I need to know this because we are having problems with all the grouping stuff. To group the data in a report, you need a predefine DataItemTableView key. We need to generate a group clause at run-time, this thing need to be dynamic, so since we depends on the predefined key that can only be defined at design time… Am I on the wrong track? Thx for your advice.

Hi, Actually, it is not entirely true that you need a predefined key to sort records for displaying or reporting. Take a look at the very interesting technique for Just-In-Time Sorting: Or take a look at some problems that can arise when the technique is applied like in the Standard Warehouse Management module: Basically, this way of “playing around” with the data is useful if you have a small/medium recordset or if you reduce the size of a large recordset by applying a filter. Read about it and report back!

Wow, this link is great! You just saved my life! Thx!