Navision and Changing Collation Problem


Last night I tried to change the Navision Windows Collation (case sensitivity) related to our user db. After putting the user db in Single-User-Mode, we ran the client upgrade and the result was that it increased the db size by approx 2GB and filled up the db’s transaction log which is not 14GB! However, it didn’t change the case sensitivity of the database or the Navision application as far as we can tell.

Does anyone have any experience performing Navision’s Collation change?[:S]

I’ve tried to change collation several times but I’ve never seen anything alike.

I’ve experienced that it has timed out once, but then I just ran it again and it worked.

And I expect that you had just truncated the transaction log (done a backup) just before running it?

I spoke with my SA and he said that he didn’t truncate the trans log before trying to change Collation.

Ok, then maybe you should have done that! But didn’t he do a backup first? You should ALWAYS do that before changing something like that!