Navision and change management- where find sourcesa and material for best practices?

Hi all,

i am making a research about the Navision implementations and change management approach , best practices.

Could someone help me to find some materials , sources about it?

Thank you all for your time


Hi Lukien,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

Not quite sure what you’re looking for or what the purpose of your “research” is.

Are you a consultant learning how to do NAV implementations or?

Hi Erik

i am a BA that would like to come back to work with Microsoft Dynamics.( before i was ERP pm FOR TWO PROJECT OF nAV 2009).

My research wants to connect the functional aspect of the modules with change management best practices during the implementation of ERP NAV. Basically how Nav can help to identify and deliver process efficiency * main processes or specific processes) , including changing business processes & ways of working.( e.g. CHANGE THE THE USE OF EXCEL SPREAD SHEET

Does it make sense to you now?

Hi Lukien,

I would have recommended the training course NAV 2013 Advanced Setup. This course covers the RapidStart tool and much more related to implementing NAV. But this training course is not free, it’s part of the certification process.

So otherwise I would recommend you to read what you can find about the RapidStart, both here on this site: and elsewhere.